Happy Sunday! Despite ominous weather forecasts of rain and thunderstorms, it’s been warm and beautiful outside in Toronto today. I hope that wherever you are, the sun in shining too!

I have a few empties to share from the month of May. In case you’re not familiar with this type of post, they feature an overview of beauty products that have been used up, the thinking being that once one has used up a full product, they are in a good position to provide a thorough review and verdict on the product’s quality.


I finally finished a body wash last month (good thing since I seem to have a few more gallons in my bathroom closet!) This one is the Aveeno Invigorating Body Wash in Grapefruit + Rosemary which is a creamy format that lathers slightly with a light, grapefruit scent. I liked how it wasn’t overly fragrant, left my skin feeling clean, and worked into a bit of a lather, but it didn’t wow me. I am still looking for that body wash that makes me look forward to using it! While I have several more bottles to get through, I’d eventually like to try a mint-scented body wash, like the Korres one. Mint is one of my favourite fragrances/tastes, and I imagine it would be a refreshing treat in the shower.

Aveeno Invigorating Body Wash in Grapefruit + Rosemary

I love the holidays, and tend to go a little crazy with the holiday products at Bath & Body Works. It always seems like a brilliant purchase at the time, but when you are still using “Winter Candy Apple” lotion in May, something is wrong! The Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Lotion had a nice sweet smell, wasn’t too thick or greasy, and I liked the anti-bacterial benefit too. What I don’t like about their HandiBac products, though, is the little beads they put in them. There are tiny seed-like blue beads which, while they may eventually work themselves into your skin, seem unnecessary (plus, who wants blue seeds sinking into your skin??) I’m sure there is a reason for them, but I for one am not a fan. I love the L’Occitane and Roc hand creams and have a few on hand (pun intended!), and I can’t see myself repurchasing this.

Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Lotion

Next is a product I was very disappointed to use up: the Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream. As I raved about in a previous review, this is a multi-tasking product that I highly recommend. It is a moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, and foundation in one, and with some strategic layering can also act as a concealer. It is best applied with fingertips (meaning less wasted product and no need to clean brushes), and is highly buildable. It can work for a range of light skin tones, and has great lasting power throughout the day. I’d definitely consider repurchasing this, but in the meantime have been working through some other foundations I’ve wanted to try.

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream
Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

Last is the Lancome Artliner Precision Point Eyeliner in Brown which my Mom gave me a few months ago. I never thought I’d use a brown liquid liner so much, given I always associated liquid eyeliner with bold, dramatic, black liner looks. What I love about this one is how easy it is to apply, its staying power, and the precision it enables. Given the price point and the fact I’ve found a great drugstore alternative (the Maybelline Line Stiletto range), I will probably opt to save vs. splurge next time. Thanks, Mom, for the treat! 🙂

Lancome Artliner in Black

What beauty products have you used up recently? Have you tried any of these?

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  1. Minni Wu
    June 25, 2013 at 4:34 am (3 years ago)

    I have never seen that Aveeno body wash before, it looks wonderful! I’ve also been eyeing the Lioele BB Cream – seeing that you’ve completely finished it up I might go pick one up for myself! Hehe ^^ Great post 🙂
    Also, I’d just like to let you know that I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! It would be wonderful if you could have a look on my blog via the link below! 🙂
    Much Love, Minni xx


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